Academy of American Poets Contest Winners

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Each year the Academy of American Poets and the English Department sponsor the contest. The judge is typically an off-campus poet or editor whose name is announced when the decisions are made public.

$100 First place prize is awarded to the lead winner and honorable mentions may be chosen should the judge see fit.

Some previous winners have gone onto prestigious graduate programs in creative writing—and are publishing on the national level.

Read winning poetry by selecting the year below.



1st Place 

Seasonal Dryad by Kate Sugar

Honorable Mention

No One is Lost by Jess Zwicker



1st Place 

Two Cents by Madeleine Mori

1st Honorable Mention

Dirty Laundry by Cate Harkins

2nd Honorable Mention

Cut & Blow Dry by Eli Williams


1st Place 

Repurposed by Jonathan Maule

1st Honorable Mention

Cool Hand Luke by Lauren Henley

2nd Honorable Mention

Sa-I-Gu by Madeleine Mori



1st Place

On Remembering by Marissa Ahmadkhani


​1st Honorable Mention

Tiger in the Moon by Maira Argenbright

​2nd Honorable Mention

The Beach by Isabella Lazzareschi

​3rd Honorable Mention

Sleet Lies on Sloan Kettering by Rebecca Liberatore




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