2017-18 Variable Topic Course Offerings


Fall 2017



Winter 2018

topic (instructor)

Spring 2018

topic (instructor)

424: Teaching English in Secondary Schools



439: Significant British Writers 

Gender in Medieval Literature 


Brownings (Marchbanks)




Gamian & McKean


449: Significant American Writers Fictions of Fallen Women 


Madness in American Literature


Contemporary American Drama (Hatch)
459: Significant World Writers

Classical Greece  


  Text/Image in 20th Century Literature (Kauffmann)

Literary Mesmerism



Central/East European Poetry


467:Topics in Rhetoric and Writing    

The Rhetoric of Space


470: Selected Advanced Topics    

Queer Literature


487: Advanced Creative Writing: Fiction  (Pierce) (Pierce)  
488:  Advanced Creative Writing: Poetry  (Rosenthal) (Rosenthal)  
495: Topics in Applied Language Study  World Englishes (Battenburg)    
497: Theories of Language Learning and Teaching  (Battenburg)    
498:Approaches to Teaching English as a Second Language/Dialect   (Battenburg)  
499: Practicum in Teaching English as a Second Language/Dialect     (Battenburg)

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