Alumni Profiles


Sue Birkenseer, Cal Poly English Alumna

Sue Birkenseer


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Samson Blackwell, Cal Poly English alumnusSamson Blackwell

Director of Talent Acquisition

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Scott Cody, Cal Poly English alumnusScott Cody

High School English Teacher

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Elise Jordan, Cal Poly English AlumnaElise Jordan


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Elizabeth Meissner, Cal Poly English AlumnaElizabeth Meissner

Senior Technical Writer

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Roger Reedy, Cal Poly English AlumnusRoger Reedy

Director of Business Development

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Sarah Storelli, Cal Poly English AlumnaSarah Storelli

External Relations Lead

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Nathalie Taylor, Cal Poly English AlumnaNathalie Taylor


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Kelly Underwood, Cal Poly English AlumnaKelly Underwood

Director of Human Resources

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