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Byzantium is the English department's award-winning annual literary magazine produced entirely by undergraduate students. The magazine's stories and poems are chosen in Cal Poly's longstanding annual Al Landwehr Fiction Writing & Kevin Clark Poetry Writing Contest, for which undergraduate and graduate students from all majors submit their work. Two separate faculty judging committees, one for poetry and one for fiction, read the entries blind, along with student editors. The winning poems and stories, along with the judges’ choice entries, are published in Byzantium.  Along with the prestige of publication in the journal, first, second and third place winners are given cash prizes. 

Begun in 1990, Byzantium has published literary works of remarkable quality, and many of the student winners in the writing contest have gone on to prestigious graduate schools in creative writing, including Columbia, Emerson, UC Davis, Houston, UC Irvine, Oregon, and San Francisco State, among others. Byzantium complements the English Department's creative writing emphasis by providing both an in-house publication goal and a capstone work that demonstrates our student and department commitment to creative writing.

Typically, two English majors are chosen as co-editors. These two students work in tandem with a student art director chosen from the Art & Design Department. Numerous English majors compete for the privilege of editing the magazine, and those who are selected usually have editing experience, business acumen, desktop publishing skills, a fundraising vision, and the ability to work collaboratively under deadline. The magazine has been cited for its literary excellence and has twice won awards for design.

The editors of Byzantium earn senior project credit for their work. Though the senior project is officially registered during spring quarter, the editors work on the magazine beginning in fall quarter. Working with the art director, the editors are responsible for all aspects of the publication, including raising funds, choosing a printer, laying out the text, editing the text, and coordinating a reading for the writers. In addition, the editors produce a year-end report chronicling their project; this report, along with the finished magazine itself, is the "official" senior project and actually serves as a manual for the following year’s editors.

Editing Byzantium is a challenging, exhilarating way for English majors to gain experience that can help them in the "real world." Just as many of the published student writers go on to graduate study in creative writing or jobs in publishing, most editors have used their experience to help them secure jobs after graduation.

Byzantium was previously sold at El Corral Bookstore, but has been distributed absolutely free over the last few years. Contact the English Department if you are interested in procuring a copy of one of our previous editions.

Byzantium is distributed throughout the Cal Poly campus and San Luis Obispo each spring.  Pick up your free copy in the English department office.

For any further information about Byzantium, please contact professor Krista Kauffmann.

For current details about Byzantium, visit the website CP Byzantium, created by the this years editors. Byzantium submission rules.

Cal Poly’s annual publication of the Al Landwehr Fiction Writing & Kevin Clark Poetry Writing contest winners will be available at events and around campus and in the English department office for no charge. 




Valentina Sainato and Becky Zieber


1st Place:  Maria Woodson
​2nd Place: Despy Boutris 
3rd Place:  Marissa Ahmadkhani

Editor's Choice

Jacob Lopez, Laura Parker, and Kiki Cazares 


1st Place:  Emma Sturm
2nd Place: Charlotte Kunde   
​3rd Place:  Conor Walsh     

​Editor's Choice

Alison O’Neill, Cecilia Grimaldi, and Olivia Peluso

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25th Anniversary Byzantium

May 2015


Senior Editors

Monique Nicholas and Adrienne King

Art Director

Jessica Clogston-Kiner


1st  Place     Sand Castles by Kory Barri
​2nd Place    Rochester, NY by Dominique Pierce
3rd  Place    Treebones by Hannah Wertzberger

Editor's Choice

On the Lake, Shasta by Connor Edwards
Letter to a Sister by Evan Falkenthal
Underdone Darling, by Kelsy Koenig


1st  Place     Richard by Rhiannon Kelly
2nd Place     Of Mice, Men, Beauty, and Beasts by Keith Enterante
​3rd Place     Looking for Joy by Bailey Satterfield

​Editor's Choice

Happily Ever by MacKenzie Leigh Soldan

Byzantium Archive 

  • Byzantium, Volume 24

  • MAY 2014
  • Byzantium, Volume 23

  • MAY, 2013
  • Byzantium, Volume 22

  • MAY, 2012
  • Byzantium, Volume 21

  • MAY, 2011

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