Minors and Certificates


English Minor

The English minor offers special opportunities for students in technical majors who might otherwise take a scattering of “available” electives without developing a coherent complement to their technical training.  It also offers students in majors close to English—such as Speech and Journalism—a chance to broaden their competence in a related area.  The minor is simple and should not increase the total number of hours you must have for graduation. 

Students interested in pursuing an English minor should contact Dr. Sophia Forster to review the requirements.

Linguistics Minor 

The Cal Poly English Department offers a range of courses in linguistics and applied linguistics. Linguistics, the science of language, studies our mental capacity to produce and comprehend language, the varied patterns that the world's languages use to express meaning, and the interrelationship between languages and cultures. Applied linguistics in our department includes teaching English to speakers of other languages, applications of linguistics in the K-12 language arts classroom, history of English, world Englishes, and other varied topics. The Linguistics Minor is suitable for those seeking to further their interest in language and those considering graduate studies in linguistics.  Follow this link for a deeper dive into the benefits of a linguistics minor!

For more information about linguistics in the English Department, contact Alicia Moretti.

Certificate Programs

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages 

The English Department offers a Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).  The TESOL Certificate provides an advantage for those interested in teaching English in the US or abroad.   

For more information about the TESOL Certificate Program, contact Alicia Moretti.

Technical and Professional Communication Program

Do you love to write? Do you want to write professionally after graduation? If so, then you may want to study technical and professional writing at Cal Poly.

Technical and professional writers value clear communication. Regardless of your field of study or career choice, excellent communication in the workplace and with clients is crucial.


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