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Byzantium, Volume 24

May 2014

Senior Editors

Carly Demetre and Jenna Korver

Art Director

Bryn Hobson


1st  Place     We Call it Dancing by Erica London
2nd Place     The Sleeping Cliffs by Lauren Henley
3rd  Place     Gazelle Legs by Kara Erickson

Honorable Mentions

She's like that. by Alison Rogge
"These Are the Good Times" by Eli Williams
There's No Temple in the Backyard by Tim Atwood


1st  Place     Reference by MacKenzie Leigh Soldan
2nd Place    The Vallarta Oak by Rhiannon Kelly
3rd Place     THS by Kaye Richardson

Honorable Mentions

Infinity by Frances Wiese
A New Pain by Jonathan Maule
Occurrences in Paris by Alicia Eileen Freeman

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Byzantium, Volume 23

May, 2013

Senior Editors

Colin Keane & Claire Marshall

Design Work by Art & Design Senior

Kimberly Low

Poetry Winners

1st Place     Strawberry Crash by Whiney Lenet
2ndPlace   Hope by Ryan Duschak
3rd Place   The Science of Behavior, 6th Edition by Eli Williams

Honorable Mentions

Queer Theory by Caitlyn Harkins
Selkie by Alison Rogge
Like Dominoes by Kara Erickson

Fiction Winners

1stPlace     A Madrid Story by Ian Delaney
2nd Place   Until Death by Sarah Brown
3rd Place    Wilted Sunflowers by Veronica Flores

Honorable Mention

First Wave by Caitlyn Harkins

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Byzantium, Volume 22

May, 2012

Senior Editors

Brita Shallcross & Chrissy Berry

Design work by Art and Design senior

Catherine King

Poetry Winners

1st Place       Corpses of Lovers Planted Here by Kate Ward Sugar

2nd Place      For S by Matlyn Peracca

3rd Place       Things Left Behind by Caitlyn Harkins

Editors' Choice Awards, Poetry

Crumbs by Carly Fox
Always a Missed Moment by Jess Zwicker
My Dear Butterfly by Bradley Ryan
There Was Eve by Yanelly DeLaRosa
Stiffness Be Gone by Ben Simon
The Poet's Creed by Will Newhart

Fiction Winners

1st Place        A New View by Aaron Rowley

2nd Place      Like Plunging Into a Grapefruit by Bradly Ryan

3rd Place       Consistently C by Sara Hannigan

Editors' Choice Award, Fiction

A Jewish Boy and His Goy by Will Newhart

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Byzantium, Volume 21

May, 2011

Design work by Art and Design senior

Allie Harold

Author Portraits

Brandon Smith

Poetry Winners

1st Place        Sea Glass by Anna K. Bush

2nd Place      Babcia, Contraceptives, and Spirits by Kate Malczynski

3rd Place       What My Father Doesn’t Know Yet by Jaquelin Sicilia

Fiction Winners

1st Place        Ferryman by Jess Zwicker

2nd Place      Brand New Bones by David Liebig

3rd Place       Dideon’s Journal by Aaron Rowley's

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