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M.A. English – Courses

Tentative Course Offerings 2016-17

Required Topic Courses

(course description & syllabus is subject to change w/o notice)

Please note: these course offerings are subject to change

Course code Course title Instructor
ENG 501 Techniques of Literary Research variously taught by Dr. Catherine WaitinasDr. Paul MarchbanksDr. Sophia Forster, and Dr. Debora Schwartz
ENG 502A Critical Analysis variously taught by Dr. John Hampsey and Dr. Larry Inchausti
ENG 502B Introduction to Contemporary Literary Theory variously taught by Dr. Brad Campbell and Dr. Sophia Forster
ENG 503 Graduate Introduction to Linguistics Dr. Johanna Rubba
ENG 505 Seminar in Composition Theory (Policies) Dr. Brenda Helmbrecht

Single-Subject Credential Program Courses

Course code Course title Instructor
ENG 424 Teaching English in Secondary Schools Dr. Megan Guise
ENG 390 The Linguistic Structure of Modern English Dr. Johanna Rubba

Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) Courses

Course code Course title Prerequisite
ENG 497 The Theory of Language Learning Course ENGL 503
ENG 398 Theory and Methods of Language Teaching ENGL 503 & ENGL 497
ENG 499 TESL Practicum ENGL 503, ENGL 497, and ENGL 498

for additional TESL certificate courses, see the TESL Certificate


Literature Courses

(course description & syllabus is subject to change w/o notice)

Course code Course title Instructor
ENG 511 Modern American Poetry / INFO. SHEET Dr. Kevin Clark
ENG 511 Transcendental Literature Dr. David Kann
ENG 511

Early American Poetry

Dr. Catherine Waitinas

ENG 511 Early thru Revolutionary American Literature Dr. Catherine Waitinas
ENG 511 The Antebellum American Novel Dr. Catherine Waitinas 
ENG 511

Pre-Twentieth Century Women Writers

Dr. Catherine Waitinas

ENG 511 American Modernism Dr. Brad Campbell
ENG 511 Nineteenth-Century American Novel Dr. Sophia Forster
ENG 511 Late Ninteenth-Century American Fiction Dr. Sophia Forster
ENG 512 Medieval Literature Dr. Debora Schwartz
ENG 512 Literature and the English Reformations Dr. Dustin Stegner
ENG 512 Eighteenth-Century British Literature Dr. Kathryn Rummell
ENG 512 Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Satire Dr. Regulus Allen
ENG 512 Romantic Literature Dr. John Hampsey
ENG 512 Romantic Literature Dr. Regulus Allen
ENG 512 Victorian Literature Dr. Paul Marchbanks
ENG 512 British Modernism Dr. Paul Marchbanks
ENG 513 African-American Literature Dr. Brad Campbell
ENG 513 Representations of Disability in Literature Dr. Paul Marchbanks

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