Dr. Megan Guise


Megan GuiseAssociate Professor

English Education Coordinator
Liberal Studies Liaison

Office:  Bldg. 47-35L
Phone:  756-2134

faculty office hours

(Interested applicants should contact Dr. Joel Orth [jorth@calpoly.edu], 805-756-2963)


Ph.D.  English Education, University of Pittsburgh, 2009
M.Ed.  English Education, Millersville University, 2004
B.S.    English Education, Millersville University, 2002, magna cum laude

Teaching and Research Interests

Teacher education and professional development
Effective pedagogy and curriculum
Teaching of writing
Teacher beliefs and instructional practices
Social-class specific responses to literature

Selected Publications

Guise, M., Thiessen, K., Robbins, A., & Habib, M. (2017). Continuum of co-teaching implementation: Moving from traditional student teaching to implementing co-teaching. Teaching and Teacher Education, 66, 370-382.

Guise, M., & Friend, N. (2017). Demystifying poetry for middle school students through collaborative, multimodal writing.  Language Arts, 94(6), 395-406.

Guise, M., & Thiessen, K. (2017). From pre-service to employed teacher: Examining one year later the benefits and challenges of a co-teaching clinical experience.  Educational Renaissance, 5(1), 37-51.

Guise, M., Habib, M., Robbins, A., Hegg, S., Hoellwarth, C., & Stauch, N. (2016).  Pre-conditions for success & barriers to implementation: The importance of collaborative and reflective dispositions to foster professional growth during a coteaching clinical experience. Teacher Education Quarterly, 43(4), 55.

Guise, M., Thiessen, K., Robbins, A., Habib, M., Stauch, N., & Hoellwarth, C. (2016).  The evolution of clinical practice: Moving from traditional student teaching to co-teaching.  Handbook of research on teacher education and professional development. Hershey, PA: IGI Global.

Benko, S.L., Guise, M., Earl, C., & Gill, W. (2016)  More than social media:  Using Twitter with preservice teachers as a means of reflection and engagement in communities of practice.  Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education, 16(1), Retrieved from cietjournal.org/vol16/iss1/languagearts/article1.cfm

Thein, A.H., Guise, M., & Sloan, D.L. (2015). Examining the circulation of emotional rules in the English classroom: A Critical Discourse Analysis of one student’s literary responses in two academic contexts. Research in the Teaching of English, 49(3), 200-223.

Guise, M., & Benko, S.L. (2014). Scaffolding pre-service English teachers to teach secondary students how to utilize digital tools when composing. In R.S. Anderson & C. Mims (Eds.), Digital tools for writing instruction in K-12 settings: Student perception and experience. IGI Global.

Guise, M. (2013). Forming university and teacher partnerships in an effort to reframe and rethink mentoring programs. English Journal, 102(3) 65-70.

Thein, A.H., Guise, M., & Sloan, D.L. (2012). Exploring the significance of social class identity performance in the English classroom: A case study analysis of a literature circle discussion. English Education, 44(3) 215-253.

Thein, A.H., Guise, M., & Sloan, D.L. (2011). Problematizing literature circles as forums for discussion of multicultural and political texts. Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, 55(1) 15-24.

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