Dr. David Kann

David Kann


Member of the CFA Steering Committee
English Major Advisor
Past Department Chair
Past Associate Chair
Past Writing Director



Ph.D. English and American Literature, Occidental College, 1971
M.A.  English, New York University, 1966
B.A.   English, Brandeis University, 1964

Teaching and Research Interests

Creative Writing
American Renaissance
Science Fiction
Horror Fiction
Deep Ecology and Literature
Quantum Theory and Literature

Selected Publications

David J. Kann - Amazon Publications


"Bottom at the Loom," Ideas, Autumn, 1969.

"Gavotte," Ideas, Autumn, 1969.

"California, Early Autumn," Ideas, Winter-Spring, 1970.

"Sonata by Beethoven," Ideas, Winter-Spring, 1970.

"Bonneville," Ideas, Winter, 1971.

"Those Moments When We Realize," Energy West, Fall, 1971.

"Caterpillar," California State Poetry Quarterly ,Fall, 1972.

"Evil Greets Us," California State Poetry Quarterly, Fall, 1972.

"Muff Diver's Blues," California State Poetry Quarterly, Winter, 1972.

"Morning Song," California State Poetry Quarterly, Winter, 1974.

"Drowning," California State Poetry Quarterly, Winter, 1974.

“The Slaughter,” Moebius, 2007.

“Ars Poetica,” Moebius, 2008.

“Brother Crow,” Moebius, 2009.

“Why Call it Climax?” Moebius, 2010.

"What It Is" Apercus 1.1, 2011.


"'Rip Van Winkle': Wheels Within Wheels," American Imago, Summer, 1979.

"Deadly Serious Play: Robert Frost's 'Design.'" Hartford Studies in Literature, Vol. 14, number 1, 1982.

"Reading One's Self and Others: Holland's Approach to Interpretive Behavior." in Psychological Perspectives on Literature. ed. Joseph Natoli ( New Haven: Archon Books) 1984.

"Pet Sematary in the American Grain." in The Pet Sematary Reader. ed. Douglas Keesey. (Mercer Island, WA: Starmont Press) forthcoming.


The Language of the Farm. Five Oaks Press, 2015.

The Literate Writer: A Rhetoric with Readings Across Four Genres. Mayfield Publishers, 1995.

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