Dr. Dustin Stegner

Paul Dustin StegnerProfessor





Ph.D. English Literature, Pennsylvania State University, 2007

Teaching and Research Interests

Early Modern English Literature
Graphic Narratives 

Selected Publications


Confession and Memory in Early Modern English Literature:  Penitential Remains (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015).

Recent Articles

“Complaint.” The Oxford History of Poetry in England, Volume 4: The Sixteenth Century. Ed. Patrick Cheney and Catherine Bates. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2022. 334-51.
"Masculine and Feminine Penitence in The Winter's Tale."  Renascence 66 (2014): 189-201.
“Treasonous Reconciliations: Robert Southwell, Religious Polemic, and the Criminalization of Confession.” Reformation 16 (2011): 5-35.
“‘Foryet it thou, and so wol I’: Absolving Memory in Confessio Amantis.” Studies in Philology 108 (2011): 488-507.
“Spenser’s Biographers.”  The Oxford Handbook of Edmund Spenser. Ed. Richard  McCabe. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2010. 125-45.

Student Editing Projects

2016 - Stephen Bateman's The Trauayled Pilgrim (1569). Ed. Katie Gezi.
​2013 - William Fullwood's The Castle of Memorie​ (1562). Ed. Ian Delaney, Kate Danskin, and Erin Clinch.
2012 - Thomas Twyne's The Schoolmaster, or Teacher of Table Philosophy (1583). Ed. Caitlyn Harkins, Jamie Bell, Kaley Gelineau, Lea Hernandez, Michael Lacalle, Cheryl Mendibles, Heidi Naraski, Matthew Nocas, and Kristie Siebert.
2010 - Anthony Copley's Wits, Fits, and Fancies (1595).  Ed. Sierra Meffan-Jacoda, Julie Ecoff, Sandra Gonzalez, Allison Nunes, Joey Nargizian, and Nicole Vaden.

Courses Taught

English 381: Race, Gender, and Coming of Age in Contemporary Graphic Narrative
English 339: Introduction to Shakespeare
English 252: Introduction to Medieval through Enlightenment Literature
English 204: Sequence 2: 16th to Late 17th Century

Awards and Honors

Distinguished Teaching Award, Cal Poly, 2015
Learn-By-Doing Grant, Cal Poly, 2012
Shakespeare Association of America Research Travel Grant, 2011
Minker Endowment for the Humanities, Cal Poly, 2010



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