M.A. English – Teaching Associate Program

The 2012-2013 Teaching Associates created this video
to explain what it's like to work in the English department as a TA.
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Students in the M.A. English program may apply for a Teaching Associate position. Teaching Associates teach ENGL 134: Writing and Rhetoric, a required course for incoming students; one course per quarter (usually for three quarters) during the second year of the M.A. program. Previous teaching experience, while valuable, is not required; Teaching Associates receive comprehensive training and instruction before entering the classroom.

Many Teaching Associates consider their work with student writers to be one of the most rewarding experiences of the graduate program. Past TAs have taken teaching positions at community colleges and high schools, as well as top-tier doctoral programs in Rhetoric and Composition.

Students who wish to apply for a Teaching Associate position must meet the following requirements:

  • Current enrollment in the graduate program
  • Must maintain a 3.7 GPA for graduate level courses
  • Successful completion of ENGL 368: Tutor Training
  • Successful completion of ENGL 505: Composition Theory with a final grade of an A- or better
  • Must be considered a student in good standing (i.e. applicants on Academic Probation will not be considered)

Students who meet the above criteria can submit the following materials in the spring of their first year of the program: 

  • A one or two page letter of intent
  • Faculty Recommendation
  • A Vita/Resume outlining RELEVANT academic/professional
  • Three letters of reference
  • Official transcripts of highest degree earned

Students who want to become Teaching Associates may enroll in English 506 in their first quarter of teaching –always taught in the fall – ​in order to support and develop their teaching and pedagogy. This course counts towards students' degree requirements. In addition, students who are selected as TAs must complete a ​paid one-week intensive training course in early September. For more detailed information about the Teaching Associate program, please contact Jay Peters

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