Fresh Voices - Submit Your Work Here

  • Are you proud of essays you wrote in ENGL 133/134 and ENGL 145.
  • Do you have original artwork?
  • Do you want thousands of students to see your work?
  • Do you want to tell future employers that you are PUBLISHED?

What to Submit

  • Any work you completed in ENGL 133, 134, and/or ENGL 145 (profiles, analysis papers, persuasive arguments, visual essays, etc.). You may submit as many essays as you like!
  • Original artwork that you created for a class or on your own. We will include images of photos, paintings, sculpture, and multi-media projects.
  • All citations. We will not consider work that that does not properly cite sources both in the text and on the "Works Cited" page.

How to Submit

  1. Fill out the Permission to Publish Release form and attach to the form below. We must have your signature (typed is ok) on the form in order for your essay to be considered.
  2. Complete the submission form below. Submit a separate online form for each submission. 
  3. Manuscripts must be Word documents. Art submissions should be print resolution (300dpi) JPEGs or TIFFs that are color balanced for CMYK printing
  4. If you want to check that your submission(s) went through, go back to the Fresh Voices website, then to this submit page. At the top you will see the following message in green "you have already submitted this form." You can click on the link to "view your previous submissions." 


Essays must be received by Wednesday of finals week in spring quarter to be considered for publication. Please contact Dr. Brenda Helmbrecht with any questions. The Fresh Voices Committee looks forward to reviewing your work!


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