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Advisory Board

English Advisory Board








2022 Career Connections Day English Department Advisory Board (AB) and alumni (A) participants

Back row (left to right): Doug Keesey (AB), Mike Linn (AB,A), Mark Noce (AB,A) Genoa Aleman (A)

Middle row (left to right): Samson Blackwell (AB, A), Jim Kouf (A), Kristin Horowitz (A), Roger Reedy (AB, A), Nancy Abrams (AB, A)

Front row (left to right): Kelly Capell (A), Kathryn Rummell (AB), Jamie Creath (A), Gina Caprari (A), Sarah Storelli (AB, A)


The English Advisory Board was established in 2009 in order to promote the department and its values.  Consisting of 10-12 energetic and dedicated alumni, the Board meets twice each year—in fall and spring—to advance its mission.  

Mission Statement

The mission of the English Department Advisory Board is to assist the department in maintaining and promoting the excellence of its undergraduate and graduate programs.  The Board’s primary role is to serve as a resource for students by providing career and graduate school guidance.  Additionally, the Board serves as public relations ambassadors, raising the visibility of Cal Poly’s English Department in the state and nation. 

Advisory Board Initiatives

Career Connections:

Developed in the fall of 2009, this program educates current English majors about various career and graduate school opportunities available to them. 

Alumni Profiles:

Our Career Connections program invites English Department alumni to post career profiles on our webpage.  These profiles inform current students of careers within English, and also provide an opportunity for students to connect with alumni if they so choose.  If you are interested in participating in this program, please email Kathryn Rummell for a profile form.

Speed Networking:

Launched in January 2010, Speed Networking connects students and alumni in order to share career information and advice.  Modeled on Speed Dating, alumni sit at stations and groups of students rotate through these stations in regular intervals.  The process introduces students to alumni and their careers, and provides an opportunity for alumni networking.  The next event is scheduled for January 2013; if you would like to participate, please email Kathryn Rummell for more information.

Career Workshops:

Interested alumni and Advisory Board members are hosting a variety of career workshops for students.  Recent workshops included resume writing and interviewing.  More workshops are planned for spring 2012; please contact Kathryn Rummell if you have a suggestion for a workshop or you’d like to participate.   

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