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M.A. English – Post-Graduation Opportunities



Other Academic Programs Pursued by Our Graduates


  • Purdue University (Helen Knight)
  • Tufts University (Kyle Kamaiopili, class of 2012)
  • UC Santa Cruz (Dennis Brand)
  • Arizona State University (Sarah Grieve)
  • Indiana University (Brian Fotinakes)

Rhetoric and Composition

  • University of Louisville in Kentucky (Elizabeth Chamberlain, class of 2010)
  • University of Louisville in Kentucky (Stephen Cohen, class of 2009)
  • Miami University in Ohio (Aurora Matzke)
  • Miami University in Ohio (Morgan Leckie)
  • The University of New Mexico (Genesa Carter)
  • Indiana University of Pennsylvania (Brian Fotinakes)

Master of Fine Arts

  • Florida State (Sarah Grieve)
  • Dartmouth College (Kevin Anderson)



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