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200 for 200: Continuing a Legacy of Success

The English Department is looking to the future — specifically, how we can continue our legacy of success through increased support of our students and faculty. We want to sustain the excellence our alumni experienced at Cal Poly, and we want to provide even more for our current and future students.

To provide this additional layer of exceptional hands on education, the English Department and our Alumni Advisory Board have launched a 200 for 200 initiative. We aim to have 200 donors commit to our students, and the future of the department, through a gift of $200. We are nearly halfway there, and we need your help to get us to the finish line!

Donations from alumni and other supporters can help us provide meaningful opportunities for our students to use the knowledge and skills they have learned as English majors to make a real difference in the world. For instance, our funding supplemented Ian Fetters’ travel to Brown University for his Lovecraft fellowship this summer. Our faculty, too, benefit from donor funding. Donors helped send Catherine Waitinas to New York City to conduct the research that enabled her to win the Learn by Doing Scholar Award. Similarly, Todd Pierce’s trips to animation archives helped him publish “Three Years in Wonderland,” a book chronicling the building of Disneyland. Supporting faculty research helps our faculty be better scholars and teachers, and raises our profile at the university.

Consider supporting the department’s students and faculty through our 200 for 200 campaign: 


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