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Why I Give: Roger Reedy

Roger Reedy

If you are like me, then you love Cal Poly and you look back on your time here as a student with great fondness. We know we had a unique experience. The friendships we made endure through the years, and the education we earned put us in a position to excel in our careers beyond what we might have imagined back in those dorm days. At least part of our success in this world is attributed to the professors that worked so hard to help us.

I feel great pride every time I mention that I am an alumnus of Cal Poly, SLO. I know the opportunities that opened up for me because of my English degree — and I feel a strong debt of gratitude to give back in any way possible. That is why I support the 200 for 200 campaign and the English Department.

When I was a student at Cal Poly in the 1980s, California subsidized most of the cost of the state colleges. My little dorm room in Yosemite Hall cost more than my classes! We were fortunate back then — most of us finished school either debt free or nearly debt free. That is no longer the case. Students today are burdened with costs far higher than we would ever have imagined — and it’s almost impossible to graduate without debt today.

Those of us who benefited from a more generous era have a responsibility to give back (if possible) to the school that helped us get to where we are today. We can make a difference for this generation of students — ensure that the education they receive carries the same value as it did in our day. Please give what you can — and take pride in our school!


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