Dr. Jason Peters

Jason Peters

Assistant Professor

writing director

English Major Advisor

Office: 47-35C
Phone: (805) 756-2862
E-mail: jpeter65@calpoly.edu

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Ph.D. English, University of Rhode Island, 2015
M.F.A. Creative Writing, Emerson College, 2010
B.A. English, Rhode Island College, 1999 

Teaching and Research Interests

Composition and Rhetoric 
Composition Theory, History & Pedagogy 
Environmental Rhetoric

Courses Taught

ENGL 129/130: Multilingual Approaches to Academic Writing (I & II)
ENGL 133: Multilingual Writing and Rhetoric  
ENGL 134: Writing and Rhetoric 
ENGL 145: Writing Arguments 
ENGL 149: Technical Writing for Engineers
ENGL 302: Advanced Composition 
ENGL 310: Corporate Communication 
ENGL 312: Translingual Rhetorical Inquiry and Writing
ENGL 467: Environmental Rhetoric 
ENGL 501: Introduction to English Studies 
ENGL 505: Composition Theory
ENGL 506: Pedagogical Approaches to Composition

Selected Publications

“Public Art as Social Infrastructure: Methods and Materials for Social Action at Environmentally Contaminated Sites,” Reflections: A Journal of Community-Engaged Writing and Rhetoric, 19.2 (2020).

“Dignitas and ‘Shit Shovels’: Corporate Bodies and Unruly Language.” Unruly Rhetorics (Pittsburgh UP, 2018). 

“Tierra Contaminada: Economies of Writing and Contaminated Ground.” Economies of Writing: Revaluations in Rhetoric and Composition (Utah State UP, 2017). 

“Speak White: Language Policy, Immigration Discourse, and Tactical Authenticity.” College English 75.6 (July 2013).

Selected Presentations

2019 July. “AgWriteCulture.” Creative Sustainability Courses. California Higher Education Sustainability Conference. University of California - Santa Barbara.

2019 March. “Language Ideologies and Archival Arrangements.” Conference on College Composition and Communication, Pittsburgh, PA.

2018 November. “Learning Conditions: Language Economies and the Making of a French-English Bilingual School.” American Council for Québec Studies. New Orleans, LA.

2018 October. “Entangled Language and Materiality: Mattering of Body, Language Difference, and Language Politics.” Thomas R. Watson Conference on Rhetoric and Composition. University of Louisville, Louisville KY.

2018 March. “AgWriteCulture: Sustainable Science Meets Community Engagement.” College English Association. St. Petersburg, Florida.

2018 March. Facilitator, workshop on transnational writing program administration. “Engaging the Global: Transforming Transnational Literacy Work.” Conference on College Composition and Communication, Kansas City, MO. 

2018 March. “Electronic Portfolios as Language Labor: Translations, Border Crossings, and Digital Divides.” Conference on College Composition and Communication, Kansas City MO, March 2018. 

2017 March. “’A Chinese Dish Consisting of Thick Wheat Noodles Topped with a Mixture of Ground Pork Stir-Fried with Zhajiang’: Translation and Citation in Digital Writing.” Engaging the Global: Challenges and Practices of the Digital in Transnational Writing. Conference on College Composition and Communication, Portland OR. 

2016 October. “Rhetorical Mobility: Reading Student Writing in Transnational Contexts.” Thomas R. Watson Conference on Rhetoric and Composition. University of Louisville, Louisville KY. 

2016 August. “Unsettling Histories: Language Ideologies and Nationalist Formations.” ‘College Writing.’ From the 1966 Dartmouth Conference to Tomorrow. Dartmouth College, Hanover NH. 

2016 April. “The Urban Pond Procession: World-Making Through Differences.” The 21st International Conference of the Society for Human Ecology, Santa Ana CA. 

2016 March. “The Cross-Border Archives of Composition.” Responsible Action: International Higher Education Writing Research Exchange. Conference on College Composition and Communication, Houston TX. 

Professional Memberships

American Council of Québec Studies
College English Association
Conference on College Composition & Communication
Modern Language Association
National Council of Teachers of English
Rhetoric Society of America

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