Dr. Bill Fitzhenry

Associate Professor

English major advisor

Office:  Bldg. 47-26F
Phone:  756-2141

faculty office hours

Upcoming Courses

(subject to change)

Fall 2017

ENGL 251 - Great Books I: Introduction to Classical Literature (Honors Section)
ENGL 339 - Introduction to Shakespeare (2 sections)

Winter 2018

ENGL 203 - Core I: 450-1485
ENGL 339 - Introduction to Shakespeare


Ph.D.  Duke University, 1997
M.A. University of Colorado, 1991
B.A.  SUNY at Buffalo, 1984

Teaching and Research Interests

Medieval and Renaissance British Literature
Geoffrey Chaucer
John Milton

Selected Publications

"The N-Town Plays and the Politics of Metatheater." Studies in Philology (Winter 2003).
"The Book of Tristram and Malory’s Comedy of Signs." Arthuriana (Winter 2004).

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