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Retired Fall 2014
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Ph.D., Comparative Literature, December 1989, University of Washington.  Dissertation:  The Devil’s Dialectic:  Chronos and the Critique of Synthesis.  Major Literature:  French; Second Literature:  Russian; Period:  Nineteenth Century; Genre:  The Novel. 
Université de Paris IV (Sorbonne), Paris, France; Program:  Littérature Comparée, third cycle program (D.E.A.), October 1981-June 1982. 
Master of Arts, Romance Languages and Literature (French), March 1978, University of Washington, Seattle, WA. 
Bachelor of Arts, French (cum laude), June 1970, Hampton University, Hampton, VA. 

Teaching and Research Interests

World Literature
Modern Novel
Ethnic Literature
French Literature and Cinema
Nineteenth-century Russian Literature
Cultural Studies and Critical Theory


The Imported State:  The Westernization of the Political Order.  Bertrand Badie.  Tr. Claudia Royal.  Stanford:  Stanford Univ. Press, 2000.
Mestizo Logics:  African Identity in France and Elsewhere.  Jean-Loup Amselle.  Tr. Claudia Royal.  Stanford:  Stanford Univ. Press, 1998.
"Mulier super bestia:  Le Diable au féminin, ou lecture perverse de la décadence," in Revue des sciences humaines, ed. Johanne Villeneuve Presses de l'Université de Lille, No. 234, Avril-Juin 1994.
"Asceticism's Desire:  Félicien Rops and the Demonized Woman," in Selected Proceedings of the NCFS Colloquium (Amsterdam:  Editions Rodopi, Fall 1992).
"The Phenomenology of Self:  A Study in Ironic Epiphany in Chekhov," Slavic Occasional Papers, Vol. 2, Winter 1986. 

Awards and Honors

Distinguished Lecturer, 2002-2003

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