Transfer Criteria

Major Change Policy / Transfer Criteria


  1. Achieve an overall GPA at Cal Poly of 2.5 or higher;

  2. Take at least three (3) English classes at Cal Poly, two (2) of which are literature classes;

  3. Achieve an average GPA of 3.6 or higher in all English classes taken at Cal Poly;

  4. Satisfy the Entry Level Math requirement;

  5. Write a one-page, convincing rationale for entering the major.

  6. Meet with the Assistant Chair of English before submitting the application.

Transfer students need to be aware that once they become English majors they must pass a sophomore-level foreign language class in order to graduate.

To transfer, contact the Assistant Chair of the English department as your first step. Applications may be completed at any time throughout the quarter. The Assistant Chair of English will review applications at the end of each quarter, once grades have been submitted.


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