Career Connections in Search of Alumni Connectors

The English Department is excited to announce a new program designed to help our English majors and graduate students explore careers that interest them. Called Career Connections, this program draws on alumni “connectors” (like you!) who have contacts in any of a number of fields that might interest an English major. 

As you know, it can be challenging for English majors to know what opportunities are available to them. What better way to do so than through connecting with our vast network of alumni? Each of us has dozens, if not hundreds, of professional and personal contacts across a wide variety of careers. This new program seeks to harness those networks to help our students.

English Alumni Advisory Board

Called Career Connections, this program draws on alumni “connectors” who have contacts in any of a number of fields that might interest an English major (entertainment, publishing, public relations, technical writing, human resources, editing, web development, non-profit work, government, etc.). These contacts would then agree to an email, phone or in-person conversation with a particular student interested in their line of work. The idea is not to provide a student with a job (though of course that would be terrific!) but instead to introduce students to people who can help them understand what a particular field does, requires or offers.

Here’s how it works:

  • Students complete an online survey to help them determine what fields they’re interested in. The results are compiled and stored by the English Department.
  • Then, alumni connectors (that’s you!) view those fields and consult their professional and personal contacts to determine if they know anyone in those fields. If they do, the connector agrees to connect the student and their contact via email.
  • The student then emails the contact with the goal of an exploratory conversation about the field. 

We have already had preliminary success with this effort simply by utilizing the networks of our advisory board members, but we know we can help more students with your participation as an alumni connector. The time commitment would be minimal for you, but the dividends for students would be many.

If you are interested in being a connector, please complete the Google doc Interest Form by Wednesday, Jan. 31.

If you’d simply like more information, please email me ( I hope you’ll consider joining our effort! 


Kathryn Rummell
English Department
College of Liberal Arts

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