Fresh Voices Volume VII

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Fresh Voices 2013-2014

June 2013

Volume VII

Table of Contents and Bylines

  • “More Than Just Venia” by Lydia Anderson
  • “Surviving Reality Through Reality TV” by Anja May Gowdey
  • “The Essence of Pain” by Savannah Evans
  • “Pockets Full of Sand” by Greg Lane
  • “Commas, Commas, and More Commas” by Katherine La Serna
  • “RE: Yet Another Email Thread” by Caroline Angell
  • “Evolution of My Writing Routine” by Lauren Hutchinson
  • “Feeling Undefeated” by Rebecca Schwartz
  • “Risky Business” by Sean Maguire
  • “A Day on the Job with the Cal Poly University Police” by Russell Morra
  • “Not Another Pity Story” by Natalie Pentkowski
  • “No…I Don’t  Know Where Molly Is” by Mike Sevilla
  • “See the World as It Really Is” by Travis Taylor
  • “Tehrangeles” by Sameera Sarmadi
  • “The Sled Dog Whisperer” by Shawn Hannah
  • “The Leader’s Empowering Baton” by Duc Dao
  • “The Key to Algiers” by Rex Steward
  • “Baked with Real Fruit and a Hint of Deceit” by Katherine La Serna
  • “Behind the Shades” by Julian Perez
  • “Pendu and Shauku” by Mikaela Curtis
  • “Ray of Hope on a Bleak Horizon” by Lydia Anderson
  • “No Ordinary Machine” by Lexie Loring
  • “Technology Withdrawls” by Sameera Sarmadi
  • “Breaking Out of the Classroom” by Joshua Lehrer
  • Rhetoric Sequence Materials, by Casey Trang:
  • Paper Proposal
  • Annotated Bibliography
  • Essay, “Racial Intimidation or Freedom of Speech?”
  • “The End of E-Waste” by Ricky Wai
  • “The World’s Darkest Secret” by Amanda Peterson
  • “Saving the World (and What GMOs Can Do to Help)” by Carlos Clark
  • “Practice Makes Perfect – So Make Practice Count” by Mieko Temple
  • “The Perilous Pipeline” by Eric Krikorian
  • “No Oil in Our Soil” by Mary Hillis

This edition also features images that were donated by Amy Loschiavo, Katherine La Serna, Michael Sevilla, Megan Lancaster, and Brenda Helmbrecht.

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