Fresh Voices Volume VIII

Article Image 1Fresh Voices 2014-2015

June 2014

Volume VIII

Table of Contents and Bylines

  • Writing with Images
    • "The College Appetite Dilemma" by Jessica Ferguson
    • "Not Alone" by Morgan Momsen
  • ​​Exploring Significant Moments
    • "The Color of Empathy" by Christian Ulrichsen
    • ​"The Great Escape" by Isamar Hernandez
    • "To the Deep End" by Jacob Hinshaw
    • "A Gift From Beyond" by Rachel Smith
    • "Have You Ever Heard of a Louisiana Tree Dog?" by Alexa Batta
    • "Braids of Glory" by Julian Gordon
    • "Heavenly View" by Chris Leclair
    • ​"Not My Clay Doll" by Kiana Chan
  • Analysis
    • "A Pep Talk" by Kaitlyn Krautkramer
    • "Ethos, Pathos, and Logos in 'We Need to Talk About an Injustice" by Fiona Cullen
    • Giving Thumbs Down to 'Thumbs Up'" by Carol Fuss
    • "Chipolte: 'Food with Integrity'" by Emily Cheung
    • "What it Means to be 'Vogue'" by Hannah Mazet
    • "A Beautiful Failure" by Lydia Kwong
    • "'Doublethinking' Apple and the '1984' Ad" by Cameron Montalvo
  • Profiles
    • "Almost Heaven" by Nicholai Busch
    • "You Are Not a Still Image" by Jessica Berg
    • "Labor of Love" by Kenna Sandberg
    • "How Pieces of Wood Can Touch Souls" by Amanda Post
    • "A Romance with Romance" by Jillian Keegan
    • "Fishing, Bears, and Wilderness Solitude: Welcome to Battle River Wilderness Retreat" by Sarah Conway
    • "Big Hearts and Cold Snow" by Megan Johnson
    • "Wild Child" by Dylan Grant
    • "Where is Home?" by Katie Miyoshi
    • "Defying Gender Roles with Friendship and Ponies" by Liam Gow
  • Public Rhetoric
    • "Fed Up" by Lauren Goette
    • "In Vitro Meat: Unnatural or Life Saving?" by Joseph Coplon
    • ​"How Many More?" by Allison Aggarwal
    • "Human Trafficking" by Ikhlaus Ahmed
    • "To What Extent?" by Carson Dangberg
    • "Not a Monster" by Jessica Hadley
    • "The Translucent Culprit" by Camille Tolleshaug
    • "Fracking: The Big Bad Monster?" by Gordon Belyea
    • ​"The Media Today" by Jon Kuzmich

This edition also features images contributed by Carlos Giron, Dawn Janke, Jeff Van Kleek, and Brenda Helmbrecht.

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