Fresh Voices Volume V

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Fresh Voices 2011-2012

June, 2011

Volume V

Table of Contents and Bylines

  • Ariana Chini, "To My Parents, Ellen DeGenres and God"
  • Kelly McBride, "The Man Behind the Camo" and "Beauty Ideals: Eating Away at the Cal Poly Population and the Nation"
  • Rachael Burham, "Stubborn Like My Father"
  • Andrew Chang, "Inner Journey"
  • Amanda Faver, "They Graded the First Drafts"
  • Regina L. Reiff, "Hidden Identities"
  • Devon Fernandez, "A Break from the Bullshit"
  • Christine Mulder, "The Last Goodbye"
  • Stacy Fischbach, "Making Inappropriate Decisions"
  • Clara Davis, "Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder"
  • Shannon Reilly, "I'm Free When I Sing"
  • Matthew Bezkrovny, "Street or Strip"
  • Meredith Frisius, "Equal Access For All: A Proposal to End Access Ostracisms Through Retrofitting of All Residence Halls to be ADA Compliant"
  • Steven Le, "She Will Tear You to Shreds and Stitch You Back Up"
  • Dagmar Derickson, "The Twilight of My Writing Career"
  • Zachary Wishbow, "What's a Kid, Without Some Ritalin?"
  • Jessica Fong, "Gaming for the Future"
  • Noelle Ricco, "Wolf Connection"
  • Derek Sereno, "It Just Makes Cents"
  • Kelly Allyn, "Cancer Alley"
  • Chelsea Ainscow, "Gleequality"

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