Alison Preston


Office: Bldg. 47-22F
Phone: 756-1389


Ph.D. English Language and Literature, University of Michigan       
M.A. English Language and Literature, University of Michigan
B.A. Honors College, Dual degrees, English and Humanities, University of Oregon
Teaching English as a Second Language Teaching Certificate, UC Santa Barbara

Teaching and Research Interests

American literature
Twentieth-century world literature
Survey of Western literature   
Interdisciplinary studies
Environmental studies
Teaching English as a Second Language
Teaching and language learning pedagogies

Selected Publications

"Humor and Decentered Meaning in Lot 49",  MLA Volume on Approaches to Teaching Pynchon's The Crying of Lot 49 and Other Works.
"Teaching Multilingual Composition Through Literature: An Integrated Process Approach",  CATESOL Journal.
"Pictured Landscapes of the South San Joaquin Valley, California: Lithographs of the 1880s and 1890s",  California History.
"History of Cal Poly Land", Cal Poly Land: A Field Guide.
"Thomas Pynchon's Absurd Truths: Puns and Metaphor in The Crying of Lot 49," The Arkansas Review.
Book reviews on literature and the environment.

Awards and Honors

Nominee for Outstanding Teaching Assistant, University of Michigan
Phi Beta Kappa National Honors Society
Honors in English, University of Oregon   
Deans Scholar, University of Oregon   
Honors Program, University of Oregon


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