The English Department Announces the American Scholar Prize Winner!

The English Department is pleased to announce that Natascha Holenstein was chosen as the seventh winner of the American Scholar Prize. 

The American Scholar Prize award was created by Dr. Linda Halisky, former English Department Chair and College of Liberal Arts Dean, to recognize an English major whose passion for literature is palpable. The $750 prize is awarded to a Cal Poly English major who exhibits an interest in literature and language – someone who is “lit up” by literature. 

In her short essay, Natascha focused on Sophocles’ tragedy Antigone. She wrote that the play illustrated for her the possibility of strong women characters, despite the absence of them in much of the literature she has read. She wrote: “Antigone not only inspired a renewed interest in the older literature I had to read for my major, but it made me angry; I wanted all women to be written with the same depth and dimension as her.” Her essay demonstrates Natascha’s deep commitment to literary study and her understanding of the power of representation. 


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