Blended B.A. + M.A. Degree Program

The Department of English at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo is thrilled to announce the launch of its new Blended B.A. + M.A. degree program. This unique new program — the only one of its kind within the CSU system — offers driven, passionate, and high-achieving students the opportunity to complete their Bachelors and Masters in English in an accelerated, five-year time frame. Majors in good academic standing (3.5 major / 3.25 cumulative GPA) can apply to the program as sophomores or juniors. Those admitted to the program will transition from Bachelors to Masters standing and begin taking graduate seminars in their fourth year, and receive both degrees at the culmination of their five-year experience. Students in the blended program complete a senior project and an MA “capstone” portfolio project. 

There are many excellent reasons to consider applying to our new blended program — not least the fact that it gives our very best majors the opportunity to earn a graduate degree in half the time and at half the cost of our traditional two-year M.A. Moreover, for those looking to pursue careers in secondary or post-secondary education, technical and professional writing, publishing, and editing, an M.A. in English considerably expands and deepens students’ knowledge and skill sets, making them competitive on a broad range of job markets. It is also an excellent option for students considering, though not yet fully committed to, applying to PhD programs after graduating from Cal Poly. Beyond all these particular reasons (and there are indeed many more), our new blended program was designed for those students who love learning about literature and language so much that they want to read more, learn more, and accomplish more than a traditional B.A. program permits. 

You may submit your application and all materials here.

Any and all questions about the blended program can be addressed to Steven Ruszczycky, Director of Graduate Studies in English, at

You may find more information about the Blended B.A. + M.A. Program in the Cal Poly catalog




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